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10 quick and easy home staging tips for summer

When selling your house you need to be ready for viewings at the drop of a hat. Here are our top ten quick and easy tips to help show your house in the best light when time is in short supply.

1. Swap the towels in the bathroom for freshly laundered ones. Even better, have a set of fresh new fluffy towels you keep aside for viewings.

2. Make up the master bed with freshly laundered bedding. As before, keep some fresh bedding for viewings as it will always present the room in a better light or if you don’t want to change the bed in full, have a nice throw and some scatter cushions ready to dress the bed.

3. Open windows in each room for fresh air.

4 . Grab your washing basket and remove bits and pieces from each room to eliminate clutter - laundry, paperwork, dishes, shoes etc and pop it in your car out of the way.

5. Put lamps on, even on a bright day. They add a sense of cosiness and style.

6. Light some candles, especially scented ones.

7. Create a nice atmosphere with some low and relaxing background music.

8. Raid your garden for some summer greenery and arrange in vases in key rooms.

9. Make sure your home smells great, get the air freshener out and spray beds, curtains and make sure you have taken the kitchen bin out! A great tip is to put a vanilla pod in the oven on a low heat to give a lovely homely scent.

10. Finally, make sure you look the part and your image reflects that of your home!

Keep these 10 Quick Staging Tips in your kitchen drawer so you can quickly whip through them when required!

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